Our Home Services:

GROUP HOME SERVICES - OLA’s neighboring group homes are located in Richmond’s East End Fairmont Community and provides services that include 24 hour supervision, case management, and independent living skills development for males ages 14-21. Each home is staffed with degreed managers and professional counselors who provide its clients with personal guidance, tutoring, exposure to independent living skills, job coaching, and social skills development through self enhancement groups. Each and every client is afforded an enormous amount of exposure to cultural, social, educational, and fine arts activities. Our program plans and participates in a major vacation each year. Such destinations include visits to Florida, New York, Atlanta, South Carolina and the Bahamas. Clients receive individual and group therapy on a weekly basis by our staff counselors within our homes. Each client is paired with a mentor who provides an additional outlet for recreational involvement and exposure to the community. Clients attend local public schools and have access to alternative school programs when necessary. These services are provided in OLA’s Alpha (14-19) and ILT (16-21) homes.

Our Homes

The Alpha Home is a comfortable 8 bed adolescent male facility with two floors including living and dining room areas, a recreational area which includes a game room, pool room, media room.

The newly built ILT Home offers transitional plans and step down support for clients who desire and are eligible to transition into independent living. This 4 ILT home living areabedroom 4 full bath newly built home offers a recreation and visitation room, a dining area and kitchen area with all the convinces of home. The home is as secure as it is inviting with a fully enclosed fence and a whole house state of the art security alarm system. The Transitions program is more equipped to manage youth with a wide range of emotions who require additional nurturing and support with their acquisition of independent living skills. These youth have typically been in numerous placements, however previous placements suggest that a smaller living environment coupled with intensive therapeutic services would have resulted into a more favorable outcome.

The two homes share an out door recreational area which consist of a paved basketball court and an extra-lard deck used for OLA cook-out and activities. Other recreation amenities include a RV (Camper) for camping and a recreational boat for fishing and water activities. Clients in this program are afforded opportunities to seek employment and volunteer positions in the community generally after 90 days in program with approval from the treatment team.


The ADDITIONAL SERVICES department is staffed with qualified professional counselors and mentors who are committed to helping youth and their families maneuver through the cycle of hopelessness associated with poor communication, limited resources, fractured relationships, substance abuse, truancy and physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Client Counseling services are designed to help clients recognize the dynamics of the family structure and to aid them in taking positive steps toward repairing fractured relationships. Clients are equipped with techniques for improving problem solving and decision-making skills, in addition they receive support with obtaining other identified goals to integrate them back into their families.

Mentoring services provide individuals exposure to a variety of different skills which strengthens their social development within the home and community. Mentors serve as both role models and advocates for the youth. Mentors visit the youth's school, participate in recreational activities, provide job skills support and assists families with achieving treatment goals.

Individualized treatment is provided for youth who are in danger of being displaced from their families of origin, group homes or foster home placements due to maladaptive behavior. Individuals are supervised by a skilled counselor who aids them in examining their behavior and adopting more appropriate ways of interacting.

Psychosocial Assessments are provided for each client as a means of determining their overall needs. This assessment examines psychological, emotional, educational and social factors which influence current functioning and supports the basis for the client's treatment plan.

Academic Tutors are provided for our clients in all core subject areas (Math, English, Science, Foreign Language, and Reading).

Additional Services

Rates are based on clients assessments and needs.

In-Home Counseling
30 Day Assessment/Crisis Intervention Package
Specialized Supervision

Specialized Groups
Gang Intervention Program
Psychosocial Assessments
90 Day Stabilization Program